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03/01/09 - Somewhere along the line, my anti-virus software, the Windoze XP Firewall, and the FTP servers on my web-hosting site stopped talking with one another. It turned out to be (not surprisingly) a setting the XP Firewall that caused all the trouble, because even when I changed anti-virus software, the problem persisted. But it is now fixed and all the important site either have been or will be updated in the next couple of days. I was tempted to put in all the intermediate updates to this and to the Autonomous Collective that no one else saw, but they are now so completely out of date that they are irrelevant. Suffice to say that I am very happy with the results of the Presidential Election and delighted that Arlen Specter (R) is one of my Senators, as he and the two women from Maine seem to be the only Congressional Republicans with any common sense right now. If there were more like them, I might be one of them again (not that I ever belonged to the GOP, just that once upon a time I respected them more than the Democrats. And then along came Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh and James Dobson, and Pat Robertson went off the deep end...)

Yes, our economic chickens have come home to roost and laid a lot of eggs in poorly built nests. Is anyone really surprised by this?


10/11/08 - It's the Economy, Stupid! My not-so-scientific prediction for the Electoral College results: Well, I was wrong - but the right man won!

08/29/08 - Want to know why the Republican National Commitee has it all wrong? It's posted just above my letter to the thankfully NOT Democratic Presidential nominee about why she shouldn't be president. "Ever!" as the Mythbusters would say.

03/05/08 - My "Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton" explaining why I do not believe she should be president is posted over at The Autonomous Collective. The cats might get their say later this week if no other unexpected hospital visits arise and I actually get to take Friday for myself this week. You can imagine how anxious they are to speak after almost 3 months...

12/17/07 - Time to clean out the files! I can't afford the overcharges from my web hosting service, so I've done quite a bit of cleaning out of older files, including Apollo's photo gallery and the Biography page. I've also cleaned out The Autonomous Collective, though mainly by consolidating files and deleting duplicates over there, save for the long-neglected "Pastor's Blog" and the 2006 Fall Foliage slide show, which have been taken down. The blog may or not come back, but the slide show is gone now to the great archive in the sky...or at least it will go to the great black box archive the next time I back up my computer...

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Update, 12/11/07 - Okay, I didn't gloat when the RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES. I was busy enough that I worked through the entire playoffs, listening on to the announcers on WRKO in Boston. And I didn't gloat Sunday night when the PATRIOTS whalloped the Steelers 34-13. I did, however, wear red, white, and blue to the Lion's Christmas party last night, just to tweak a few noses. I'm not totally sanguine about a perfect season; I figure that the Dolphins will ruin two perfect seasons - one perfectly great, one perfectly awful - by playing their best game of the season and beating New Enlgand a week from Sunday. I hope not, because then Don Shula (for whom I have the utmost respect) will be back on the air gloating about still being the only coach to have an undefeated season. I would reluctantly point out that the Vikings and the Steelers have both had 15-1 seasons since the introduction of 16 game play and that numerous teams (including the Patriots) have won 14 games in a season since. And it is entirely possible that this season will see the Pats undefeated, the 'Boys at 15-1, and the Packers and the ##*&%^ Colts at 14-2. Let us not forget that no team has gone to 15-0 yet in a 16 game season; even if the Pats lose to the Giants at the end of the season after winning against the Jest - um, Jets - and the 'Fins, we WILL have performed better than the '72 Dolphins in a season. It goes without saying that I'd love for the Pats to run the table, though as long as if they don't it's because the 'Boys get revenge in the Superbowl, I won't be too unhappy. I could have my dream no-lose Superbowl!

9/29 - WE WON THE DIVISION AFTER ALL. Yeah, the damned Yankees still made the playoffs. But there will be at least 2 teams with better records, possibly all three division winners in the AL. And let's hear it for the Cubs, who are looking like playoff contenders after all. Let's just be clear that, barring a thermal incident in Hell that allows the aforementioned Yankees to get to the World Series this year, it is NOT the Cubs' year to win the World Series if they get there. Of course, should it be a Yankees-Cubs series, there will be no World Series this year because the Apocalypse will have started...Sox-Cubs, anyone?

9/22 - Call me prescient. Call me a prophet. I just know I'm a fan of the most reliably depressing team in Major League Baseball. No longer leading the Majors or the American League, my beloved Red Sox are in danger of losing their division after being in the lead for all but about two weeks of the season (maybe less time than that, I've lost track now). Call me a cynic, but I think they could even miss the playoffs, though that is a less likely possibility.

The new page design is thanks to Bill, who gave me a much needed tutorial in coding and construction yesterday. He missed his calling; he, like Howard, should have been a teacher!

Update, 9/6 - We have entered the most dangerous month of the baseball year. My Sox are 7 games ahead of the Yankees. I have decided that I will not object to a slow start for the Patriots if the winning karma in New England will just wrap itself around the Sox for 8 more weeks. And I am hoping that more NYC winning karma lands on Shea Stadium than on Yankee Stadium. And, for that matter, that Seattle finds a lot of winning karma very quickly to catch up with and pass the NYY in the AL Wildcard race...

Update, 5/14 - I am both ecstatic and terrified: my beloved Red Sox have the best record in Major League Baseball (25-11, .694), at least for today; the Yankees had clawed their way toward .500 earlier in the week but are now 17-19 (.472). Ecstatic for the obvious reason. Terrified because, as a long-time fan, I know the hazards of the Red Sox doing well before the All-Star break. Oh, the joys and agonies of being a fan!